Covenant prayer




A Covenant Prayer

This is a reworking of the powerful Wesleyan covenant prayer written for a short act of worship at St. Cadmarch's Church developing themes of betrothal and a covenant with the land. Charles Wesley was married by his brother John not far from here at Llanlleonfel church

God of the land and God of life.
We are born of the earth
and together we are called into partnership with you:
no longer separate but betrothed
in a fresh covenant of love.
Draw us into your love
beyond celebrity, beyond fame
active in your purposes,
unashamed of suffering
working for you and resting in your pleasure.
Whether we attract publicity or remain obscure
we desire only to drink your rain
and be bathed by your sunshine,
to sleep beneath the coverlet of your clouds
and live in harmony with your earth.
So now we voice to you the longing of all creation -
that our loneliness and separation be ended
and that all of us: people and land, and every living creature
be co-celebrants in the wedding feast of the Lamb
and so enter into your vast embrace.