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This website gives access to different dimensions of my life and work as storyteller, poet, writer and listener/enabler.


I increasingly find myself working words to create formal liturgies and personal devotions. Some are made available here. I am particularly interested in helping people find words which illuminate and bring meaning to their particular contexts and experiences.


Some poetry collections that I have written and put together over the past 30 years


Stories seem to me of immense significance. Listening to them is one of the joys of being human and even more fun is seeking to tell them yourself. Here I share some of the stories that I have imagined. 


This gives access to some of the more pertinent pieces that I've written over the years ranging from more theoretical pieces on community action and spirituality through practical descriptions of how to do a community profile etc


This describes the work that I do with individuals and groups particularly from my background as a community development worker. This includes personal one-to-one supervision which I call 'Breathing Space' as well as the other work I offer as facilitator and researcher, it is all rooted in my commitment to serious, reciprocal listening.


This is a more experimental and personal exploration of my life and interests encompassing poetry, storytelling, biography, history, theology, social analysis, sermons ... etc. etc. It follows a much less logical pattern and is designed to be explored in a more intuitive and fluid manner. Have fun!

Quick Links

Faith and Ambition
A selection of documents about the life  and works of GP Roberts my great grandfather
Let us not forget
the talks and life of my grandfather Lloyd Ashdown a Brethren preacher in 1950 Surrey

The Glass Quilt
work with Anna Bessant – stained glass window maker making a pilgrimage around the Welsh cathedrals
On July 4, 2015 a Glass Quilt liturgy was celebrated at the Welsh assembly building

John Penry
some reflections on this Welsh hero from Llangammarch including a new ballad

Latest writing
Sounding the divine – a sequence of theological poems and reflections

Encounters with Old Men
Explorations with the Desert Fathers and Mothers

In the Valley of the Dipper
diary of a year by the river Irfon in Llangammarch